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  1. 01/2019 - TIGER AND XXX,,BOCA TO SOSUA,,,,,,,

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    I also gave her a Lion's shirt.................

    What ya doing?
  2. 11/2018 - Double Vacation Money Problems

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    And where do you think that comes from? If you don't get a bill for major upgrades or the large maintenance projects, you will be the only person I know who owns a condo that doesn't have to pay their share.

    And I live in the capital of condos, South Florida.

    Just become a condo commander and maybe you can change the rules

    You are right. I should just pay $1,300 a month for 20 years rater than buy a $80,000 Condo
  3. ontario send the liberals to the waste lands

    How did this get here?

    Updated 06-08-2018 at 07:21 PM by Ram (Confused at how this got here)

  4. 10/2017 - INVASION - boca chica feb 19-28 2018

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    Hola amigos i
    have been laying low on here lately
    I have been very busy but I’m baaaaack

    see y’all in boca chica
    I boarded my plane and await take off
    good times and mucho sexo ahead !!!

    I have a nice line up of chicas from nearby areas

    and some bodacious hotties from the capital that await my pesos to summons them

    im staying at costa linda
    10 nights 450 impuestos

  5. 01/2018 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALLIE1!!!

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    Always a day late and a dollar short. Happy Birthday, dude!
    Thanks happy 👍
  6. 04/2017 - The president who spoke so much about winning,,,loses again.

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    So it turns out the forces that killed the four soldiers in Niger are ISIS affiliated. How could that be? Didn't Rover use his crayola crayons to tell us Trump had destroyed ISIS?
    No, Rover said that ISIS had been defeated in it's self-proclaimed capital.

    Lets get it right.
    Oh, okay. Same logic as the French "defeat" of the Viet Minh in 1953.

    We all know what happened in 1954...
  7. 02/2017 - members off their meds

    Yep. My very first ISOC "ignore".

    I feel like I just got a shot of penicillin to get rid of the clap.
  8. 04/2017 - Ideas?

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    I got to Medellin two years after it was considered safe and I regret missing those two years.

    To start something and regret not doing it 60 years
    My 1st trip to Kenya was a week and a half after my 61st birthday. This is a trip that took me over 10 years to pull the trigger on.

    Still, no regrets.
    Could have been your 5th trip
  9. 02/2017 - St Pattys Day Boca Chica Invasion 2017

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    By the way the Garant has a brand new bar area about 3 weeks old at the time of this writing, big screen TV, plus a second TV, and a cute little afternoon bartender.

    ahhh. Maria. Maria is very hot
  10. 02/2017 - getting more frequent miles from united

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    I also volunteer
    #3.....looking to apply or refer big dave?
    Apply I have the card, thx!
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