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Thread: 10/2017 - Field of Dreams resurrection?

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    Re: 10/2017 - Field of Dreams resurrection?

    Quote Originally Posted by Westy View Post
    I can attest to that -- you too, right, Huskerdude?

    The IFTC board members did exactly that, more than once; I was there for it in October 2013, and we had a good time. All kinds of wild games going on, not only girl-on-guest and guest-on-girl, but girl-on-girl as well ... bikini contests that turn into G-string exhibitions, and some of the girls strutting around in heels and hair-extensions ... I didn't see anyone fucking out-in-the-open, but why would you do that when you're just steps from your nice, private room?

    Not only is Blackbeards too big for that, but it's not private enough to get wild outdoors; from the street, you can look straight through the dining-room to the entire pool deck. FOD, on the other hand, is private​ -- close the parking-lot gate, and nobody outside can see what's going on inside.
    Yes , those were the good old days. We haven't had a huge party like that in years, just real small groups getting together. I hope that FOD can get it together as they have so much potential.

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    Re: 10/2017 - Field of Dreams resurrection?

    Quote Originally Posted by Irie View Post
    Seville threw quite a memorable meet and greet there back in 2012(?). It was the only time I've been there that is worth mentioning.

    Spoke with a few guys last night who stopped in yesterday. They told me it was a waste of time and that things have really gone downhill.......confirming Huskerdude's update.

    FOD was my last stop before getting on the plane in 2013. I would check my bags in early to the Airport, then head to FOD to get a quick beer and chica for a short time. The pricing ended that. We came there in 2015. We had two chicas and hit the pause button when they quoated my wingman the new prices. I was disappointed. I have gone back to play pool and a beer. I have seen a few chics that I would hit but they are not getting pulled my me for that price. I could just go to Pica Flor for a better chica if I want to pay what they were asking.

    I was there at that party in 2012. I am still in contact with the chica I sessioned with that day.

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