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  1. 01/2019 - TIGER AND XXX,,BOCA TO SOSUA,,,,,,,

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    I also gave her a Lion's shirt.................

    What ya doing?
  2. 04/2017 - Ideas?

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    I got to Medellin two years after it was considered safe and I regret missing those two years.

    To start something and regret not doing it 60 years
    My 1st trip to Kenya was a week and a half after my 61st birthday. This is a trip that took me over 10 years to pull the trigger on.

    Still, no regrets.
    Could have been your 5th trip
  3. 06/2016 - My Buddy living in Phillipines - Real Life Details

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    Hunter, I hope they both live a long and happy life as a married couple. And who knows? Maybe he'll even learn to speak a bit of tagalog!
    Little update on my buddy who got married to the Filipina.

    He seems content. Saw him this weekend after a while. She has moved in and been there 3 months. He doesnt seem frustrated that she is driving him crazy. He had to buy a huge bureau at Ikea and spent 3 weeks putting that together. And he trips over all her
  4. How to Enhance Your Trip Report

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    How to Enhance Your Trip Report

    For basic instructions on how to submit a trip report, you may check out one of the following two links:
    How do I create a Trip Report with separate chapters?
    How do I create a TripReport with photos?

    Essentially, the easiest way to create a nice looking trip report is to email it to us and we'll do the formatting for you, but if you'd rather do it yourself, refer to the previous links and some additional advanced tips below.