• Happy Hour in Angeles City!

    Finished my first trip to AC. Excellent time.. Your TR was a big help, but I'm not sure if I read it right? Maybe it was the jet lag or dehydration, or alcohol, but I had a bit of a problem my first night.

    Arrived at the Pacific Breeze hotel (good recommendation). Dropped off my stuff (I travel light) and then went out for an early evening walk on Fields Ave.
    Saw a sign on a club that said "Happy Hour 4-8pm 60 pesos". Now I remember you guys said things were cheaper in than in the DR, but 60 pesos for a 4 hour happy hour back at my hotel seemed too good to be true!

    NOTE: Happy Hour is a term for a threesome in the Dominican Republic

    And it turned out it was!

    I walked into the club and didn't want to waste any time as it was already almost 6pm. As soon as my eyes adjusted, I looked around. Man!!!!...it was almost overwhelming the choices available. But as I said, the clock was running on "Happy Hour", so I quickly saw two that looked appealing to me and grabbed them up.

    Now I remember you guys had said something about the mamsams running the girls, so I found the closest one and gave her 100 pesos for the two chicas I wanted to take out for happy hour.

    But she gave me a funny look?

    I thought maybe she wanted a cut. So since I had given her a 100 peso note, and the advertised happy hour price was 60 pesos, so I said she could keep the change.

    But she still wasn't happy. Kept saying "this not enough. This not enough for 2 ladies!"

    Now it was my first time in AC, but I'm no virgin. I've been around the block a few times and know the game. So I wasn't letting this mamasan get over on me. I knew I needed to speak to her boss. So to get managements attention, I saw this bell that I assumed you rang for service. So I shook it rather loudly.

    This seemed to get everyone's attention. And I guess they realized that I was serious, because all their frowns about the 100 pesos suddenly turned to smiles. In fact to defuse the situation (I guess?) the bartender started giving everyone drinks!

    I waited a few minutes, but no manager showed up. Hey, their not getting off on me that easy! So I rang the bell again!
    Extra hard and loud this time so they could hear me up in the executive suite!

    But apparently not everyone was happy that I was asking for management. This guy at the other end of the bar must have been jealous. He looking at me and mouthed "asshole bell ringer"! (Again, he must have been jealous that I had the balls to ask for the manager, right?)

    So I ignored him. And after a few minutes when management had still not showed up, I started to get pissed. (Hey, their not getting over on me. I'm no rookie!)

    So I rang the freaking bell yet again!

    For some reason, the guy at the end of the bar got even more pissed. He even threw some popcorn at me!

    I looked around for something to retaliate with.

    No popcorn, but there was this bowl filled with ping pong balls. So I picked that up and threw it at him. I don't know why, but then all hell broke loose!

    I figured I better get out of there (even without my two chica happy hour)' so I slowly backed out to the door, throwing more bowls of ping pong balls as I retreated.

    So tell me, what did I do wrong?