09/2019 - Trip #29 5 Bedroom House with WrGold & Rafi

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Thinking of a reunion/retirement tour myself when I get back from Philippines.

Staying in a different city. Dasmarinas, Cavite, Night Nurse moved there about 8 months ago, 2nd trip there, As far as I can see

Completely different than Angeles. Everything is spread out. Seems larger than Angeles but that may be just because everything is farther away then most things in Angeles. Especially if all you ever bothered to see was walking street.

Very easy going place, nice people just so spread out that you have to get used to traveling for everything.

Went to the bank today and one way on the jitney took about 20 minutes! The fucking nerve of them for charging 12 pesos.hahahaha

After getting to the bank, had to sit outside for 1/2 hour just to get in the building! You're given a number and it's wait until your called from there on in.

Truthfully though from what I've seen so far if you were just looking to retire and not be worried about a 20 minute walk down walking street I would pick this place above Angeles. Millions of women everywhere.

I.ve googled for info of an entertainment area but haven't seen any thing like Angeles available. Actually though, at this stage of my life I could give a shit.

The truth be told though is if you couldn't get laid here then something would be drastically wrong with your abilities!

Also, less expensive to live as far as I can see. Cleaner also but still have to remember it's a 3rd world country. When I say cleaner, just use your imagination. If you get my drift.

Also I've only seen one American in the past 3 weeks I've been here. Peso was 58.09 at the bank today.

Hey Jack,,
Sounds like your down where that Youtuber "The Philipines Info Channel " lives.

He rants and raves about the place,,

And the availability of $80-$100 apartments available...
Never looked at his videos so don't know about rents. With that said though, I'm staying in a 2BR airbnb that is $400 for the month. Lot of days it is much cooler here then in Angeles and many have nice breeze.
At my age and with my health issues, the only place I can reasonably convince myself to stay is here in the US. Believe me, if I could afford decent health insurance I would be long gone from here.
The best thing I have going for me is I live in a state that takes NO shit from the Washington swamp swimmers and if you commit a crime here you better be ready to do the Baretta. (time)

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