How to Enhance Your Trip Report

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How to Enhance Your Trip Report

For basic instructions on how to submit a trip report, you may check out one of the following two links:
How do I create a Trip Report with separate chapters?
How do I create a TripReport with photos?

Essentially, the easiest way to create a nice looking trip report is to email it to us and we'll do the formatting for you, but if you'd rather do it yourself, refer to the previous links and some additional advanced tips below.


We suggest creating separate chapters only when the individual chapters are very long (lots of text and/or photos), otherwise it's easier for your readers to view your report in a single topic without having to click back and forth between chapters. When you have clearly defined sections, try creating headers with additional formatting (bold, larger text, different color, etc..., see tip below) This post uses headers to identify the separate tips, like "USE HEADERS".


Add some emphasis to your writing by using bold, italic, and/or underline. If you are presenting information that makes sense in a list or table, such as a list of what to bring or a table of price comparisons, use it in your report. See a list example at the end of this post, too.

Malo said:


Quoting is a nice way of refering to something someone else said or wrote. You can learn how to quote, make lists and table, and format your text by visiting the section: Discus Documentation: Formatting


ISOC has a well organized hierarchy of topics for most destinations. Does your report mention a venue, hotel, type of transportation, or other topic covered in it's own thread? Try linking to it in your report to give your reader the opportunity to easily find additional information on your subjects from different perspectives. This is a more advanced tip, unless you're already comfortable with formatting in our Trip Report section, we recommend you email us or submit a support ticket for assistance with linking to other topics.


There you have it, three tips to enhance the quality of your trip reports:

Use Headers
Format Some Text
Link To Discussion Topics

If you notice things you've liked in past trip reports that I've missed, please let me know and I'll update this post.

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