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Private vs Public Albums

By default albums are set to Private. You should keep it set as private if you plan on having nude pictures in the Album. If the Album is set to Private the only people who can see the picture are:
  • Admins and Moderators
  • Individual Pictures when you post them in post you make using the IMG bbcode tag.
If the Album is set to Public, everyone can see your Album and the Pictures within!

Album Definition & Specifications

Albums are a place to store the pictures you upload to ISOC. You first need to create an Album. You need to provide the following:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Mark it Public or Private
You are allowed 100 pictures per Album. You can have an unlimited number of Albums.

Adding an Album

To add an Album first you need to go to your User Control Panel, the UserCP link on the menu bar.

On the left side you will see Your Control Panel Menu, under the Networking section you will see a link to Pictures & Albums.

Your Control Panel Menu

Then you will see the following screen. If you don't have any Albums yet you will just see the Add Album link. Otherwise you will see a list of your current Albums.

Add Album Link

When you click the Add Album link you will be presented with the following screen to define the Title, Description, and Public or Private.

Add Album Dialog

Album Pictures

After you created an Album you can add Pictures to your Album(s). Remember you are limited to 100 Pictures per Album.

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