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Video Conversion - Index of Sections

Why Convert?

Most of the time videos are either uncompressed or use the incorrect codec. What I mean by incorrect codec, most video makers use a single codec which is not correct for every type of video content.

For example you don't need AC3/AAC/DTS audio codecs for a short home movie, do you really need 5.1 surround sound for your kid's birthday party? I think not. Video codecs are the same situation.

What's the Difference between a Codec & a Container?

Test description


What's the Best Codec?

Where do I get Codecs?

How do I know which Codecs my file uses?

But I have a Mac! (or Linux)

How do I do a Basic Conversion?

How do I do an Advanced Conversion?

How do I make Backups of my DVDs?

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